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Founder C.C. has been learning music since she was 3-years-old, specializing in 6 different instruments and percussion. From the age of four, she has been participating in various activities. The major of the university is music and performance. She has participated in many abroad. Competition~ she won the regional championship in the voice competition in China~ she founded her own dance studio after graduating from university~ she built a dance team of more than 10 people in half a year, and at the same time, she was the lead female actress of two online movies, and the main actor of one TV series ~ also participated in many of China's top fashion awards ceremony ~ went to the red carpet, etc. - In fact, she loved Western culture since she was a child, very good at singing English songs - so she came to the United States after two years of university graduation ~ The reason inspired her to create C.C.FASHION is because she is very sensitive to fashion since she was a child. Also she has her own unique sense about fashion. All the friends around her will ask her for fashion advice. Ask  her for help and solve the fashion problems ~ It has become a shopping sergeant in all of the friends~ after came to the United States, she found that many of the girls here are very beautiful, elegant, and have hot body~ in order to make all the beautiful women more able to highlight their personal style, so she built this fashion brand to provide more unique and rich fashion elements~ also share her personal fashion taste~ So, wearing CC clothes, can Better demonstrate their distinctive temperament and charm~





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